Palomar Emerge™ Fractional Laser in New York City

Palomar Emerge

Palomar: From Light Comes Beauty

Palomar Emerge™ is a brand new fractional laser resurfacing procedure that improves mild wrinkles, skin texture and discoloration, with little to no downtime. Dr. Kauvar was the lead physician on the clinical trials for Emerge and NYLSC is pleased to have been the first practice to have the laser available to our patients. The results of the clinical trial were presented by Dr. Kauvar earlier this year at the annual meeting of the American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery. The Emerge laser uses the proven method of fractional laser treatment, in which a pattern of laser microbeams treat small areas of tissue surrounded by untreated areas, in a less aggressive manner than other fractional lasers. The result is little to no recovery time; there is temporary redness and swelling that is usually gone by the next morning. To achieve the best results, the treatment requires 3 to 4 sessions, which can be performed as often as one week apart. Emerge is the optimal fractional laser treatment for people who cannot afford the downtime associated with other procedures.