Botox Cosmetic in New York

Botox Cosmetic in New York

From knitting our brows in frustration to crinkling our eyes in laughter, we make a multitude of expressions every day. As we age, these "expression lines" can become more and more pronounced, leading to a tired, less youthful or even angry appearance.

Using Botox® Cosmetic – a non-surgical, injectable treatment – Dr. Kauvar can reduce or eliminate undesirable expression lines and wrinkles on certain areas of the face, including:

  • Wrinkles between the eyebrows (known as the "glabellar lines" or "11 lines")
  • Horizontal lines on the forehead
  • Wrinkling around the eyes ("crow's feet")
  • Visible muscle bands on the neck (the "platysmal bands" or "turkey neck")

How It Works

A small amount of Botox is injected directly into the underlying muscles responsible for expression lines, wrinkling or neck bands. Botox blocks the nerve signals that normally cause those muscles to contract, or move. Once the nerve signals are blocked, the muscles can't contract and no wrinkling or banding can occur – so the overlying skin appears smooth and crease-free.

Injections are precisely placed to ensure natural-looking results. The goal of Botox is not to give the face a "frozen" look, but rather to selectively eliminate wrinkles and promote a more youthful overall appearance.

What to Expect

After a Botox injection, patients can expect to see improvement in 3 to 7 days. Results generally last for about 3 to 4 months, with wrinkling gradually returning as the treatment wears off and muscles are able to contract again. With repeated treatments, muscles begin to weaken, so results can potentially last longer with every subsequent treatment.

Side effects from Botox are generally mild and temporary. Some patients may experience a headache, soreness or slight bruising, though these effects are uncommon. It is extremely unlikely to develop eyelid drooping from your Botox injection, but if this does occur, the effects are temporary.

After your Botox injection, it's important not to press or rub the area. You should not lie down for 3 hours after treatment and it is best to avoid exercise for the remainder of the day.

More Information

Used in combination with other treatments such as laser rejuvenation, laser resurfacing, Restylane, Juvederm or Perlane injections, Botox can offer a significantly more youthful look without the need for invasive procedures. Ask Dr. Kauvar which treatments will offer you the best results. To learn how Botox can help you look your best, schedule a consultation with Dr. Kauvar.