Our Research

Dr. Kauvar has been engaged in scholarly activities, including clinical research, teaching, writing and editing journal articles and books for over 16 years. She has taught medical students, residents and fellows and directed educational sessions and programs at national and international meetings. Under the direction of Dr. Arielle Kauvar, the Clinical Research Center at New York Laser & Skin Care evaluates new and emerging technologies, devices, medications and other therapies for the treatment and diagnosis of medical and cosmetic skin problems. The Center has a dedicated study monitor and clinical research staff with multiple ongoing studies. The results of these studies are published in medical journals and presented at national and international meetings.

Our participation in research enables us to provide our patients with the most advanced care using the newest treatments and latest technologies available.


Volunteers Needed for Clinical Trials

The following trials are active at our location and are accepting patient volunteers. If you are interested in participating, please call our Research Center at 212.249.9440 unless otherwise indicated. 

Clinical Trial for Acne Scar Treatment

Do you have unwanted acne scars on your face? You may qualify for laser treatment in a clinical research study. Looking for moderate to severe acne scars only.

Clinical Trial for Wrinkle Treatment

Do you have mild to moderate wrinkles around your eyes and/or mouth? You may qualify for laser treatment in a clinical research study.