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World-renowned laser, cosmetic and surgical dermatologic practice under the direction of Board-certified dermatologist, Arielle N.B. Kauvar, MD.

Dr. Arielle Kauvar

Dr. Arielle Kauvar

Dr. Kauvar, an internationally renowned board-certified dermatologist, laser surgeon, and Mohs (skin cancer) surgeon, is founding director of New York Laser & Skin Care. She has been helping patients reveal and maintain their healthiest skin for over 18 years.

As a leading authority on laser surgery, cosmetic dermatology, and skin cancer, she lectures nationally and internationally, writes extensively, and is frequently interviewed by media.

    Professional Affiliations

    NYU Health
    Princeton University

    Fillers & Injectables

    Dermal fillers and other fine lines and wrinkles treatments.

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    Cosmetic Treatments

    Rejuvenating non-invasive, low downtime skin treatments.

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    Laser Treatments

    Laser hair removal and rejuvenating laser treatments.

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    Medical Treatments

    Skin cancer exams, Mohs micrographic surgery, birthmark removal & more.

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    Our Research

    Dr. Kauvar has been engaged in scholarly activities, including clinical research, teaching, writing and editing journal articles and books for over 16 years. She has taught medical students, residents and fellows and directed educational sessions and programs at national and international meetings.

    Under the direction of Dr. Arielle Kauvar, the Clinical Research Center at New York Laser & Skin Care evaluates new and emerging technologies, devices, medications and other therapies for the treatment and diagnosis of medical and cosmetic skin problems.

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    I highly recommend Dr. Kauvar as she is my skin hero! I had problematic skin for many years. I’ve been down a long skin journey and I truly have never seen better results any where else. She is extremely knowledgeable, kind and doesn’t over-do it. The staff is wonderful and it’s a very nice environment. I have only good things to say.
    Ant G.
    Ant G.
    18:42 25 Apr 24
    Doctor Kauvar and all the nurses are so kind. It is a female environment and is always a very comfortable and warm experience. The treatments I have received have been effective and Dr. Kauvar does everything to make treatments painless. Thank you so much!
    Natalie Shaw
    Natalie Shaw
    00:04 29 Mar 24
    I have been a patient of Dr Kauvar and her highly professional team for over a decade for surgical and other treatments of my skin cancers, including by MOHS. Being of English/Irish genealogy I have become prone to frequent basal and squamous cancers as I age. She has always been supremely successful in her treatments which are done in beautiful and well equipped surroundings. I cannot do any more than highly recommend her and her group for their professional medical service and warm, intelligent and caring advice.Sincerely,Daniel N. Storr
    Daniel Storr
    Daniel Storr
    20:57 18 Jun 21
    Dr. Kauvar is absolutely amazing. When I moved to New York I had already been diagnosed with skin cancer. I took a lot of time to research a good fit for me and my needs. I knew I wanted someone that was ASDS board certified. She took a personal interest in me and my health. She has preformed over 50 surgeries for me over several years. I can’t imagine going through all I have been through without her. She is the best.
    Lisa Pace
    Lisa Pace
    21:15 13 Dec 19
    I'm at that age where I want to balance the need to accept physical changes with the desire to look the best I can using only noninvasive treatments. I wanted a doctor who understands this tug of war, and who uses cosmetic treatments sparingly to give a super natural look. I found that in person in Dr. Kauvar. She's very subtle and meticulous with her treatments. I leave looking refreshed, not redefined. I really like this doc.
    A Rai
    A Rai
    00:35 13 Mar 18
    Dr Kauvar was referred to me by a good friend who has been going to her for years for annual skin checks and removal of skin cancers. I am so pleased to have been given this referral because aside from the thorough job she did on my skin check, she was also able to give me her expert opinion on the procedures I can do to make my skin looking younger and more vibrant. I have in turn been passing along this referral to all my family and friends.
    Stephanie Romero
    Stephanie Romero
    15:21 08 Nov 17
    I have had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Kauvar for a suspicious mole. Not only was she knowledgeable, she was also pleasant and friendly and put my fears at ease right away. She took the time to explain everything thoroughly to me. I am very happy to have been referred to her. The office was very clean and beautiful, and the staff were amazing as well.
    Laurycel Rodriguez
    Laurycel Rodriguez
    13:47 22 Sep 17
    I am very fortunate to have been referred by my friend to Dr. Kauvar. The office is well organized and everyone is very friendly and professional. Dr Kauvar is knowledgeable and explained everything to me thoroughly before creating a medical plan to handle my dermatological issues. I am very excited about getting my skin's appearance back to looking healthy and youthful. I have recommended her to all my family and friends.
    Cheryl P
    Cheryl P
    14:36 31 Jul 17
    Dr. Kauvar has an excellent attention to detail above and beyond what I have experienced with similar practitioners. She really knows how to take exactly what you are looking for and convert it into the right treatment with results that exceed expectations. Her internal office team was exceptionally knowledgeable and approachable for questions of all kinds which helped tremendously with the process and comfort with procedures.
    Jamey Seely
    Jamey Seely
    14:56 07 Jul 17
    Dr. Kauvar is a highly-educated, highly-skilled physician, which is important to me when selecting someone to take care of my skin. And she's expert in skin cancer and Mohs surgery. She's also a lovely person with a beautiful office and professional staff. I recommend her wholeheartedly.
    Kathleen Tripp
    Kathleen Tripp
    20:43 06 Jun 17

    Conditions We Treat

    Leg vein treatments

    Varicose veins are enlarged, swollen, and twisting veins, often appearing blue or dark purple.

    Melasma treatments

    Melasma is a common pigmentation disorder that causes brown or gray patches to appear on the skin, primarily on the face.

    Sun damage

    Dark spots are a consequence of past sun exposure or artificial UV light used in tanning beds.

    Rosacea & broken capillaries

    Rosacea is a common skin condition that causes redness and visible blood vessels in your face.


    Acne is a skin condition that occurs when your hair follicles become plugged with oil and dead skin cells.

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